CMS 166 V3 – Use of Imaging Studies for Low Back Pain

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"Low back pain is a pervasive problem that affects two thirds of adults at some time in their lives. It ranks among the top ten reasons for patient visits to internists and is the most common and expensive reason for work disability in the U.S. Low back pain is second only to upper respiratory problems as a symptom-related reason for visits to a physician (Jarvik and Deyo 2000; U.S. Preventive Services Task Force 2004).

Back pain is among the most common musculoskeletal conditions, afflicting approximately 31 million Americans, and is the number one cause of activity limitation in young adults (Rizzo, Abbott, and Berger 1998). Low back pain is responsible for direct health care expenditures of more than $20 billion annually, and as much as $50 billion per year when indirect costs are included (Patel 2000). This accounts for over 4.7 million missed work days per year (Dagenais, Caro, and Haldeman 2008)."