Evaluating a new Software Partner – 10 Part Series – Introduction

Hello Everyone,

This is the introduction to a 10 week newsletter we are doing to help you quantify many of the most important aspects of selecting the right EHR for your practice.

The series is mostly based on an article I wrote which was published in Chiropractic Economics.


When shopping for an EHR system there are many key factors every doctor must consider in order to best evaluate which solution is the best fit for his/her unique practice. Imagine going to buy a new car, but not knowing yet how to drive. You would be buying based on what looks cool, but not which brand, style, size, features, and budget suited you the best. In this comparison a sports car doesn’t exactly meet the needs of a family man (or woman). This would be a recipe for disaster when put into daily practice. You would end up trading, selling or suffering for your mistake. It is because of this we usually have a pretty good idea of what style, size budget and time line for a vehicle purchase. The same is true for your EHR system; you have to have a basic understand of what you need, before you start shopping.

When just starting out we learn from family, friends and even a good sales person will help us discover which car is be the best fit for our needs. EHR is quite different because the vendor typically has just one product to offer and their job is to sell it to you. That is why you must be cautious, take your time and do your homework!

Over the last decade I have been involved in over 5,000 EHR implementations. During this time I have seen too many systems shelved after frustration, lost investment and huge amounts of valuable lost time. With time as our most precious resource, it is so important that you select the best fit EHR system the first time and avoid following the same ugly path.  (For information on planning your successful EHR implementation, please review our article on Implementing and Training on an EHR System)

There are many key points you need to evaluate when shopping for an EHR. These will help you identify which of the EHR solution is the best match for your budget and your specific needs. I have developed a set of ten points, which will help put any practice on track for partnering with the absolute best product/company for your needs.

Although there are no two Chiropractic offices the same, this list of evaluation points will apply in some way to all of them. Keep a note book for notes on each point on the systems that you are reviewing so you can remember them in the future as you narrow your decision.

Each week moving forward I will send one major point to consider when shopping for your EHR system.



My disclaimer is I created Chiro QuickCharts and my goal is for every practice to use and love our product.


Please stay tuned!

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Alex Niswander




Author, Alex Niswander, is a soap notes expert with over 10 years focusing on clinical charting and proper noting procedures.  He has reviewed charts in hundreds of clinics throughout the country and continually reviews new requirements by Medicare and major insurance carriers.

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