Evaluating a new Software Partner – 10 Part Series – Platform

When shopping for an EHR system there are many key points you need to evaluate when shopping for an EHR. These will help you identify which of the EHR solution is the best match for your budget and your specific needs. I have developed a set of ten points, which will help put any practice on track for partnering with the absolute best product/company for your needs.

Although there are no two Chiropractic offices the same, this list of evaluation points will apply in some way to all of them. Keep a note book for notes on each point on the systems that you are reviewing so you can remember them in the future as you narrow your decision.

Each week moving forward I will send one major point to consider when shopping for your EHR system.

Software Platform, Web VS Local Client-Server:

Web based software means it runs on a web-server, meaning you can access the software through a web-page from anywhere online. The advantage to web-based is lower hardware costs (you wouldn’t need a server) and lower “buy-in” cost. You can begin using for a small down payment and so much per month based on which features you are using. The other advantage is you won’t require any extra software to login from anywhere on the internet. If you have many offices, or work from many places, this could be the best option.

The downside to web-based software is generally a higher long-term cost of ownership as you are ‘renting’ instead of owning the software. This could still be a good fit, but something to consider. Compare this to office space, sometimes renting is a better fit than buying. The other potential downside is that the web-based software has to function within an Internet browser which means the software may be more difficult to use compared to a like client-server system. Internet uptime has become very reliable, however if your internet is down, so is your EHR system. The last item to consider with web-based is what happens in the event you wish to stop using the system. Are you walking away with nothing or a text file of your patient demographics and billing? This is an important item to clarify with your sales person if you are leaning toward a web-based system.

Client-Server software means the software is physically installed in your office and you must have one ‘main’ computer (also called ‘server’). The main advantages here is costs long term could be less and the software is likely easier to maneuver.  Another advantage is that you own the software and can usually still use an older version if you stop paying the annual maintenance fees.

One downside is higher upfront costs and could require additional costs with ‘remote control’ (Gotomypc, Logmein or PCAnywhere) software to access your system from anywhere. Another downside is that you would need to keep updated hardware in your office to keep up with the demands of the software.



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Author, Alex Niswander, is a soap notes expert with over 10 years focusing on clinical charting and proper noting procedures.  He has reviewed charts in hundreds of clinics throughout the country and continually reviews new requirements by Medicare and major insurance carriers.

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