Evaluating a new Software Partner – 10 Part Series – Compatibility

Hello Everyone,

When shopping for a new system there are many key points you need to evaluate.

These will help you identify which of the solution is the best match for your budget and your specific needs. I have developed a set of ten points, which will help put any practice on track for partnering with the absolute best product/company for your needs.

Although there are no two Chiropractic offices the same, this list of evaluation points will apply in some way to all of them. Keep a note book for notes on each point on the systems that you are reviewing so you can remember them in the future as you narrow your decision.

Each week moving forward I will send one major point to consider when shopping for your system.


Compatibility /Interfacing:

In the past it was very important that your systems “link up”. This means your new software must be able to send and receive data from your existing (older) billing system. The ability to interface with other software has been around almost since the beginning.

The good news is, this is a way of the past. With today’s technology you must demand to have just 1 software, 1 patient list, etc and simple NOT have an interface running. Interfaces are problematic and a single database is the key to success and reduced efforts of double and triple entry!


What you need to ensure is the new software has the ability to transfer all your patient demographics from the old software.


Imagine having to manually type in every active patient from your billing system into your new software? NOPE!

It would take weeks and maybe months of un-needed data entry. I have seen program imports process 25,000 patients in just 5 or 10 minutes. It would take a person 6 months.


Last, it should go without saying, but ask to SPEAK with someone using the system and ASK how their old records were imported! ?




Please stay tuned!

Thank you,

Alex Niswander




Author, Alex Niswander, is a soap notes expert with over 10 years focusing on clinical charting and proper noting procedures.  He has reviewed charts in hundreds of clinics throughout the country and continually reviews new requirements by Medicare and major insurance carriers.

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