Evaluating a new Software Partner – 10 Part Series – Product Customization

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When shopping for an EHR system there are many key points you need to evaluate when shopping for an EHR. These will help you identify which of the EHR solution is the best match for your budget and your specific needs. I have developed a set of ten points, which will help put any practice on track for partnering with the absolute best product/company for your needs.

This list of evaluation points will apply in some way to everyone shopping. You might consider keeping a note book for taking notes on each point so you can remember them in the future as you narrow your decision.

This week let’s talk about product customization.

What that means and how to evaluate and why it is important.


Product Customization:

With today’s technology an EHR system should offer a great level of what is called ‘end user customization’. This means once installed you can modify the software to have the wording and items you wish to use for your daily notes without the software’s programming staff having to make the changes (which translates to added costs).

My best advice here is to ask your sales person to add /modify an entry during your demo. This will give you an idea of how easy it is to modify and if your sales person struggles, or shrugs off your request it should be taken as a red-flag for difficulty or non-ability to customize after the sale.


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Author, Alex Niswander, is a soap notes expert with over 10 years focusing on clinical charting and proper noting procedures.  He has reviewed charts in hundreds of clinics throughout the country and continually reviews new requirements by Medicare and major insurance carriers.

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