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Chiropractic Software Features.

See what our chiropractic software can do for your practice.

Fully Certified EMR – Fully Stage I and II Meaningful Use certified.
TabletPC / Touch & PC compatible – You choose what type of computer would meet your office needs.
Medicare P.A.R.T Reports – With just a few clicks, easily create reports in the format that Medicare prefers in our Chiropractic notes.
Fully Customizable Notes Software – If you don’t see what you need, just build it yourself. If it’s missing a technique you use, just add it in. Hide the items that you’ll never use.
Travel-Card Patient Chart Notes – Quickly view the past 3 dates and then scroll back to the very first date that you put them into QC so you’ll always have past charts at your fingertips.
Eclipse / Medisoft / Chiro8000 / Ezbis / ASPC / Sunrise / Stellar COMPATIBLE Chiropractic notes Software!!
Reminders/Alerts/ To Dos – Never forget important tasks again! With our Chiropractic notes TODO list right on the main page you’ll see what needs to be accomplished before shutting down for the night.
Contacts (Attorneys // Doctors) – Include a list of professionals to whom you make constant contact with. When needed, you’ll be able to create professional looking letters and send your notes to them with our Chiropractic notes.
Patient Location Tracking – Now you’ll always know where each patient is. Simply change the room next to their name or in their chart with the click of the mouse with our Chiropractic notes.
Exam/Soaps/X-ray Reports – Quickly print up these reports based on the information already input into the patient’s chart with our Chiropractic notes.
Patient Letters / Handouts – If you’ve been putting off sending out letters that create more business, you can stop. QuickCharts creates these letters for you. Look professional with little effort.
Built-in Scanning / Importing – Scanning and importing documents into each patient chart saves time and frustration of trying to find where they were saved. Once imported, you’ll see the images right next to their patient chart and you can quickly click them open for use.
Highlighted Findings – Easily see what you chose last visit due to highlights.
Patient Check-In (history/ subjective) – Patients can start their own records by mostly clicking large buttons to answer history questions and details about their current complaints in our Chiropractic notes. Once they are in the system, they will answer questions based on how they felt last time they came.
Detailed Daily Symptomatology – Choose from a database of pre-loaded statements or add your own to quickly click for each circumstance with our Chiropractic notes.
Activator / Gonstead / ART – Choose the listings you want and it builds a great note about what you did without a lot of effort.
Chiropractic notes Case Reports (PI Cases) – Have some notes you need to get out quickly? This function is thorough and includes auto accident and x-rays if they’ve had those as well.
Superbill / Day Sheet – Easily see what codes you have entered for which patients.
Signature / Date/Time Stamp – Save precious time by importing your signature to print automatically at the end of each note.
ADLs tracking – Track improvements on patients daily living activities with our Chiropractic notes.
Multiple Case Support – Create another case for the same patient if you want to differentiate between cash and insurance, or just want to track a complaint unrelated to their initial complaint.
Body Graphics – Use our pre-loaded graphics to mark where pain is found or import your own and use it how you see fit with our Chiropractic notes.
Fully loaded coding (out of box) – Codes are included so you’ll just have to update occasionally and you’ll be ready to go.
Standard Process Nutrition RX – Use the pre-loaded list or upload a list of your own nutrition. You can even print out a report that tells them how much for how long.
Chiropractic Notes On Hold & Chart Swap – Put an unfinished note on hold and move right from the patient chart or check in, to the next patient from anywhere in the system.
In-Office Chat Room – Save your office staff several steps with this handy tool. A few clicks and you’ll know right where the x-ray apron went to or who took the activator with our Chiropractic notes.
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