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Chiro QuickCharts Works with Popular Practice Management Systems.

What Does Compatible Mean?

It means all of your patients from other systems can be transferred to Chiro QuickCharts seamlessly. And then as new patients are added to your billing system, they are also transferred to our system automatically. This eliminates double-entry of patient data!

If your billing system is not yet compatible, we can work together to pull your patients into Chiro QuickCharts by having you export your patients from your billing system to an excel or other text file. Contact an account manager today to discuss more about our interfacing/compatibility.

Using our integrated practice management system, all charges and treatments are automatically transferred from the EHR to billing. For Medisoft and Eclipse chiropractic software, you can also send the treatment codes from QuickCharts into the patient ledger/transaction window.

Chiro QuickCharts is currently compatible with Eclipse, ASPC, Medisoft, EzBis, Forte, Stellar, InPhase, Autumn8, Formsmith, and Herfert.

More about ASPC/DBC Chiropractic Medical Billing Software:

Designed with your practice in mind, our AS/PC® Patient Accounting and Practice Management System balances power, ease of use, flexibility, and price to bring you one of the best values in the market.

  • Electronic claims: submit your claims directly to the carrier or through a clearing house
  • Electronic remittance advice via Autopay®
  • Interoperability with Electronic Health Records systems (EHR)
  • AS/PC® shares data with popular scheduling solutions
  • Comprehensive financial reports
  • HIPAA Compliant

Since 1983, AS/PC(R) Chiropractic Billing Software has been installed in thousands of offices. We are ANSI compliant for claims submission and Electronic Remittance Advice (835) files.

More about Eclipse Chiropractic Medical Billing Software:

Many companies only offer document management. Eclipse takes you beyond document management and opens the door to Document Automation. Document management may keep your filing cabinet lean and mean — and we do that too — but document automation helps you avoid mistakes and resulting reimbursement delays. Of course, it also makes you and your staff more efficient because you spend less time filling out required forms! Eclipse maintains seamless interfaces with a variety of applications that can help your practice thrive.

More about Medisoft Chiropractic Medical Billing Software:

Medisoft Clinical brings together the latest practice management system, Medisoft Version 16 (v16), with an advanced, certified EHR at a value that independent physician practices can appreciate. The Bright Ideas for Your Smart Practice Medisoft Clinical features Bright Note Technology™, a state-of-the-art processing engine that enables physicians to complete an entire chart from a single note.

Once the record is complete, one touch instantly sends the searchable data throughout the patient chart. Medisoft Clinical gives you and your staff a new level of operational efficiency and confidence. That’s because our EHR solution has the familiar look of a paper patient chart that you and your staff are comfortable with. You will be more focused on your patients and not the technology behind your practice.

More about Autumn8 Chiropractic Medical Billing Software:

The integrated office solution for chiropractic billing software, scheduling, SOAP notes, narratives, patient management, management reports, HIPAA Compliant, electronic filing, patient statements, mailing labels, patient letters, and virtually hundreds of time saving easy to use features.

More about E•Z BIS Chiropractic Medical Billing Software:

E•Z BIS Office is a uniquely-designed chiropractic billing software package for chiropractic practice management. Unlike all other programs available today, the E•Z BIS software is modular in design. This means that you can choose the combination of features that best fits the needs of your office.

The complete E•Z BIS Office unites the powerful Billing System with the Front Desk for appointment scheduling, EHR for fast, great-looking documentation, and Collection Desk for advanced collection tools and powerful insurance payment posting features.

More about Stellar Chiropractic Medical Billing Software:

Stellar Software is a company dedicated to providing solutions for the chiropractic profession. We have spent many years developing and perfecting our functional, easy-to-use office management software. Our mission is to provide you, the chiropractor, with a simple solution for the management of your practice.

Stellar is used by chiropractic professionals in over 25 states nationwide. Updates to our chiropractic billing software are included in our technical support agreement, so that you will always have the latest enhancements and revisions. Our team not only understands computers, but also includes those who have many years of experience in the chiropractic profession.

More about SunRise Chiropractic Medical Billing Software:

The SunRise system provides expert chiropractic billing software training. For nearly ten years, our company has grown into a family that we invite you to join, promising “our service will make you feel right at home.”

We are happy to say our own software, SunRise Practice Management Software, which allows us to help each customer with ease. We are also proud to say our customer service is top shelf. We are committed to providing the best support available to each and every one of our customers. At SunRise, our philosophy is simple— customers come first.

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