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Technical Support.

Outstanding Tech Support is Our Number One Goal!

Welcome to our chiropractic software tech support page. Browse the FAQ’s below and see if we have already addressed your question. If not, please enter a support request via the form provided. That request will go directly into our ticket tracking system and is the very best way to contact us for technical support.

How do I check for updates?

Updates should only be applied outside of Patient hours. All CQC work should be completed for the day and no patients should be open/checked into the lobby screen, or the Note On Hold area.

Start by logging into the software on all computers, the server included. In EMR, go to Training/Help – Check for updates. In PM go to Help – Check for updates. Enter the update code you have been provided and start the download. As soon as the download is running on the server you can go to another PC and repeat the same process. After you have started the download on all PCs, go back to the server and wait for the update to complete. When it is done a message will appear and you can follow the prompts to restart the application. You always want to be sure to start the server first, and click finish on the server first. Once the server is done you can finish and log back into the workstations in any order.

Where do I find my upgrade code?

Updates to the software are available to customers with a current support plan. The code can be obtained by emailing us at

How long will updates take?

The time it takes to run updates is largely based upon the speed of your internet connection. As a general rule allow 5 to 10 minutes per system.

My EMR screen doesn’t seem to fit my Monitor, so I can’t see all of the options.

This is usually caused by Windows Video settings and can be corrected by following the instructions located here and changing your DPI setting to 100%. Anything larger and EMR will not fit the screen correctly.

How do I backup my software?

The backup settings are located in EMR under Tools – Options – Backup DB.  On this screen you can choose a location for the backup files to be created and you can choose the time that the backups run.  In addition to the nightly, onsite backup you should also consider some type of offsite backup tool.  This could be as simple as running the local backup to a memory stick, and then taking the memory stick home with you at night.  You could also obtain a service for this, Carbonite and Mozy are two very common cloud backup tools.  With a service like this your files will be backed up/moved offsite automatically.

What are your hardware specs?

CQC supports a wide range of OS and hardware configurations. A smaller office with few staff members will be fine running under a less powerful server environment than a larger office with many users. It’s best to contact us to have a brief discussion about your office and your specific needs so we can make the best recommendation for your office.

Need more help?

Submit the form below and it will go to our problem tracking system. Tickets entered this way are checked often and promptly acted upon. This is the very best way to get our help with your technical issues.

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