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What People are Saying.

Real Chiropractic Software Reviews From Real QuickCharts Customers

Pros: Easy to use, easy to quickly get a note out to a referring doctor or insurance company, very thorough in information you can put into a SOAP.

Cons: I have no complaints.

Overall: I have been using Chiro QuickCharts for over a year now, and am very happy with the product. I feel my notes are now more thorough, and I am no longer afraid that my notes won’t stand up to an audit.

Dr. Susan Toron, Chiropractor
EHR is inevitable, so I wanted to take advantage of the incentive, I got $7,000 last year. I wanted to cooperate/fit in with health care in general and have a presentable presence with my reports and data. I like the possibility of mining data for research, as chiropractors we see results that can and should astound all in the healthcare arena. This is one way they could see it.

You have great tech support. I have customized QC for my many soft tissue practice techniques, patient exercises, rehab protocols, etc. I know there are so many more capabilities available which I look forward to using. Thank you for helping me make this important transition.

Eugene Runne, Pain And Health Solutions
Pros: The system works great, I love the patient check in Keosk, which allows me to run the office with little outside help. Once I got the hang the system I can fill out notes in as little as 20 seconds. I have and always will recomend this product to other DC’s for the money you can not get a better EMR product.
Eric Evans, Evans Chiropractic
I choose to move forward because it is the only way I can keep up with the paperwork and i can’t even read my own handwriting. We used to use dictation system but it is much more costly and time consuming.
Dr. Larry K.
I’d tell any practitioner looking to transition to electronic records to find a completely integrated system (EHR & PMS) that fits their needs. Finally look at costs. Go with what they feel is best for their practice. Don’t go for the lowest price go for the best value for the dollar that satisfactorily integrates with their practice.
James Hankison
I have been so happy with QuickCharts. It is an incredible software program. I practice with my son, wife, brother in law, and two sister in laws. We have all loved the transition. Sales was fantastic as is Training.
Edward Frisbee, Kracht’s Center for Healthy Living
My husband and I own Riverside Wellness. We have dealt with numerous vendors in our “previous lives”. NEVER have we experienced customer service as prompt and reliable as we have with Chiro QuickCharts. The technical personnel at Chiro QuickCharts have surprised and delighted us time and again with their extremely prompt response to our difficulties and guiding us through the challenges of becoming a paperless (well, mostly!) enterprise. Chiro QuickCharts has made documenting patient care rapid and comprehensive. Reports that used to take 1-1/2 to 2 hours to prepare now can be done literally in seconds using this software.

Any chiropractic practices considering making the change to electronic notes would be wise to place Chiro QuickCharts at the top of their list.

Dr. Sue Ann Sidell – Riverside Wellness Center
This software is a great tool for our office. It helps get notes and charts finished in a timely fashion. I love that it is customizable for the practice as well. Anytime we have an issue, customer support takes care of it quickly and then fixes the problem. Upgrades are easy to do and require little knowledge! 🙂 I like that the company is smaller and has more of a family-type atmosphere. They know what’s going on in my business and follow up with any events we have going on such as new computers, or moving the office to a new location. I highly recommend this software! I wish I had bought it when I first opened my office
Donna Frederick, DC
We have been using QuickCharts in our office for about 2 1/2 years and have been very satisfied. Its easy to learn and easy to customize which has been nice. It has all the features that we need in our office and was far more affordable than the other software packages we looked at. Also, Alex and his team are easy to get a hold of when we do have questions. I would highly recommend this product to other DCs. Fast, easy to learn and affordable. And working with Alex is about as easy as it gets.
Brian Malzer, DC
Has a TON of features to cater to a variety of techniques like ART, acupuncture, nutrition, etc.> Kiosk system basically automates your subjective portion of your note… and will prompt a patient fill out an Oswestry when appropriate (which is key in this age of ins. audits). Very easy to use and learn. Unbelievable customer service… I usually get a response within ten minutes of any email request and all phone calls are answered right away by people who know you (not outsource to India).

Updates are frequent. These updates come from the docs…. so anything you want to see in the program, just ask for it! Have been using this program for over 2 years… in that time, the system has improved a ton and will continue to listen to their users to further improve on any downsides. They seem to be VERY committed to making their program the best around. At the price, I don’t think it can be beat.

Chris Rizzo, DC
The most impressive thing to me about Chiro QuickCharts is the customer support. Friendly and willing to make the changes that I suggest. Easy to use program. My note taking is faster and easier. The staff is willing to make the necessary changes to help fit your practice. The company is always asking for feedback with the customers and make the necessary improvements when possible that benefit all the businesses. I would recommend QuickCharts.
James Schone, DC
I had been looking for an EHR system to do my notes for the past few years and have ‘test driven’ quite a few of them. I finally came across the QuickCharts system. Their note taking system is ‘clean’ with big buttons and it is easy to navigate. Patients use Motion tablets to give us their subjective part of the notes in just a few clicks. My CAs continues with a more descriptive note of progress and I follow up with assessment, adjustment and/or acupuncture points used and the note is done on the spot. A new patient fills in the ADL and disability indexes, my CA then can take the patient’s medical history, vitals and take their picture. I do the history and exam.

Treatment plan and long term and short term goals in a few clicks. Treatment effectiveness is measured by QVAS and various disability indexes that the patient fills out as they check in at the kiosk. My objective measurements are done and I can follow my treatment plan or just change a few things.

I can do my notes that meet the documentation requirements and lay out my treatment plan now in a few short minutes before the patient leaves the office. Practicing is once again fun and sending out reports or auditing are not dreaded tasks anymore.

Larry Kwan, DC
I searched for months on just about a dozen EMR/EHRs. QC has the best features overall IMHO. Its easy to use for one. Two, technical support is LOCAL and prompt, whether email or phone. And equally important, is that it has a pretty GUI. Just added were OA which are invaluable. Running on a u Tablet T4410 is smooth. Two thumbs up. Looking forward to implementing the KIOSK function to save additional time.
George Langlitz, DC
The program interfaces with our practice management system reducing data entry for the staff. Product has a lot of great features and can be modified to fix workflow. Tech support is great and always remembers your practice when you call. The tech support will address concerns and suggestions in a timely manner. Perfect fit for a small to mid size chiropractic practice.
Christopher Hammer, DC
ChiroQuickCharts has given us superior support. They have promptly responded to any questions we have had. They have also continued to implement upgrades as well responded to our input and suggestions. The program is very user friendly and we have enjoyed working with the company and highly recommend it.
Kari Lund, D.C.
Easy to use and makes life in the office move a lot smoother! The program is a lot easier to use and easier to learn than other software we tried. When you call customer service, you actually speak to a live person AND they speak ENGLISH. Not only that, but they remember who I am and it feels more personal that way. Being able to have them hook up to my computer remotely to help me with any questions helps a lot. They can hook up to your network by signing in with their computer tech. It’s so easy! Generating patient soap notes and reports takes only a few minutes now.

The messaging system which is a little like texting back and forth really works well in our office because we do not have an intercom system. Also, it allows us to write messages to the doctor about the patient he’s going in with or to let him know if he’s running behind without being obtrusive or interrupting the patient’s time with the doctor. You can add patient’s pictures into their chart to learn their faces, and It leaves less room for error.

I would definitely recommend this product to any chiropractor who is looking around for new software to implement into their practice. For anyone who isn’t very computer savvy, it’s just a straightforward program and simple. Pretty soon electronic notes are going to be mandatory, and what better way to get that checked off your list? Not to mention, the price is reasonable!

Christine Cook, – Apponaug Chiropractic Center
Can’t go wrong with Chiro QuickCharts! Very fast and easy to change to fit the practice. This is a great product with as importantly fantastic customer service.
Nathan Price, D.C.
I searched through the internet for weeks to find the perfect software that did not kill my wallet. I came across Chiro QuickCharts and was thrilled at the idea of having a self check in station for my patients. I no longer have to ask them “how they are doing” and document all their complaining. Now they take care of all that before they even enter the room to get adjusted. Like all charting there is a little learning curve and a few tweeks to the customization but after a few days I was running wild with it and never turned back.

I don’t know why I did not go to an E.M.R sooner, I was still pulling paper folders and hand writing everything. I have saved time and money with QuickCharts and Alex is always updating with the latest requirements and listens to all the suggestions of the ones using it. If you don’t have and EMR get one and I highly suggest QuickCharts, it lives up to its name!!!!

Eric Evans,D.C.
Easy to use. Saves time. Great for the doctor just starting out as well as a large practice. Makes paper work so much easier. Very professional. Custom to each doctors needs. Keeps things organized. Awesome tech support. (very quick to respond to any problems) Updates are full of improvements that add to the already easy to use program. I recommend Chiro QuickCharts to any doctor who wants to be more efficient and make paper work less painful. I have not seen a better value for software of this kind. I love working with Chiro QuickCharts.
Jason Ellis, DC
I am 100% Satisfied with Chiro QuickCharts!!! I highly recommend this product. I am 100% satisfied with it and could not think about practicing without it. I also love the friendly staff. They remember who I am and are very friendly and caring. This is a rare thing these days.

This product has many easy to use features. The developers of this product are frequently upgrading it to continuously make it better. The technical support people are very available. Whenever I call about a technical support issue if the technician is not readily available, a time is set up for them to call us to resolve the issue. A very great aspect of their technical support team is that they are very easy to understand, they do not send your call to another country for technical support.

Favorite Feature: My favorite thing about this program other than it is a very easy program to use is the Kiosk feature. This feature allows patients to check in and update their chart to how they are feeling in addition to many other details that can be managed. This allows me to meet with the patient and catch up on notes whenever I have downtime. VERY HELPFUL to make things go quick with taking and maintaining great treatment notes.

Richard Allen, DC
Great product, inexpensive but rich in features. Great note taking system that helps me to streamline my business and spend more time treating than note taking! Alex is always eager to find ways to make the software even better for us with frequent updates. Customer support is great. Overall, I am happy with the product. Great product, great price, great service. Highly recommended!
Eric Borsini, DC
I have been using chirochart for approximately 4 years. At first, anything new, especially going from handwritten notes to electronic, seems daunting, if not insurmountable. But with the support that is offered, and the ease of use of the software, it was in a very short time frame that I was up and running. If I ever need support it is just a phone call away. The return time of my calls is the same day, unless it happens to be the end of the day. And even then it will always be by the next morning. In addition, the support people are easy to understand, and are very adept at getting to the core of the problem and fixing it, or helping in adapting to your needs. In conclusion, it is reasonably priced, user friendly, easily supported. Good buy for the money.
Kevin Hansen, DC
The best customer support experience available. We have had a couple of minor issues with integration into our current system, mostly little stuff on our end. The support staff have been wonderful in getting these issues resolved, in fact they are corrected in one phone call for the most part.

The software itself is perfect for our clinic, between the ease of use and the ability to customize the program to fit your needs we have been very happy. I now find myself with extra time to spend on other things, a few of them fun. The peace of mind you have knowing that your documentation is up to speed creates a more at ease work environment as well. Could not be more happy.

James Lang, DC
I have used their services for several years. Great people doing great work resulting in a great product. Always there to help you and great positive attitude. I had looked and tried other products previously which were poor in comparison.
Charles Renick, DC
I purchased a program from them a few years ago. Customer service is as good now as it was when they were selling it to me! The business is not one that sells a product and you never see or hear from them again! They have gone above and beyond for me. They have been great about helping me customize. The notes that are produced are thorough, and easy to read!
Mark Gvist, DC
Easy to use and the training was spectacular. Customer service is unlike most companies. Extremely helpful, knowledgable and always ready to help. I have highly recommended this software to anyone asking about EMR’s for their office and I have reviewed several of them. Outstanding service and a great company to work with.
Chuck Childs, DC
About a year ago I started looking into Electronic Records Software; I wanted one that was certified. We already had a system in the office but it took about 7 minutes to write the office note, which was only accomplished only after the patient left the office. I looked at over 20 different systems, most wanted me to drop my pre-existing insurance software and buy theirs.

I looked at Chiro QuickCharts software program, it had everything I needed. The price was in my range, it looked simple to use and they even worked with my billing. After installing the software and personalizing it there is no longer a seven minute battle after the patient has left to get the notes done. It takes 15-30 seconds per visit, its fast; the data is transferred to the insurance computer instantly.

Any ideas I had for updates were taken seriously and incorporated into the system. The folks at Chiro QuickCharts are honest, straight forward and extremely helpful. Oh, yes they are AARA certified.

John J. Bourgeois, DC
The software is very intuitive and quickly learned. It is dynamic in the amount of information recorded for each patient visit, while greatly reducing time required to enter. It is feature-laden. It would work for any chiropractic practice, regardless of technique or style. I am able to enter notes as briefly as 2 minutes, or spend more time recording great detailed consultation visits. I’ve been able to run the software well on a netbook. The best feature is the customer service. Any problem with software or upgrading has been resolved within hours with no loss of patient flow. The team is responsive to questions and suggestions. They have shown in the past 3 years a passion for making the best chiropractic EMR software possible.

I am thoroughly pleased with the product. It is an excellent resource to document our patient care. I am able to quickly enter all of the visit information and recall previous visit info at a later date. I would recommend the software to anyone.

Chris Anthony, DC
It is easy to use, easy to customize and it takes only a few minutes to do a daily note. I like the fact that if the patient is a Medicare patient, all you have to do is click on Medicare when you want to print the notes and QuickCharts prints the note in the P.A.R.T format automatically. I love the fact that QuickCharts is now government certified. I also like the fact that their Tech Support is very helpful and American. You can actually understand them.

I would highly recommend QuickCharts. The interface with Eclipse software is GREAT!!!!!!!!

Laura Davis, Independent Software Consultant
I did my due diligence in research for an efficient noting system. The most important attributes I was looking for: an attentive customer service team, and user-friendly technology that integrates smoothly with Eclipse (our billing software). I was pleased to meet a friendly, knowledgeable representative of ChiroCharts at a chiropractic trade show. That following week we made appointments for installation and training. ChiroCharts assisted us beyond our initial training. They are a small business like ours, so their team is attentive and understanding of our need to have answers quickly.

The benefits far outweigh the minor drawbacks! The customer service, knowledge of the team members, and Midwest pride in quality product and service are second to none.

I would definitely recommend this to my peers. Furthermore, I am so confident of its benefits that we are considering taking the leap into purchasing their billing software package. As many of you know, that is a project in itself.

Heartland Chiropractic and Wellness Center
I knew we need to be implementing a program for better patient notes. I just couldn’t find one I REALLY liked, until I found Chiro QuickCharts. This is NOT a medical notes program trying to fit a DC. I had done a lot of research, tried a lot of demo programs, some had good features, but they were too complicated, too time consuming, too expensive, or didn’t have all the things I needed/wanted in a notes program.

Chiro QuickCharts was VERY easy to learn, quick thorough notes, great price and best of all their customer service is fantastic! So quick to answer any questions, and they are easy to understand on the phone! No “english as a second language” customer service people. I have recommended this software to many other D.C’s and will continue to do so! I would HIGHLY recommend this software!

Tami Converse, DC
Finally a program that is user friendly, I am not a “computer person”. Now sending medical records is a breeze and takes minimal effort for my staff to prepare, which makes payment turn around twice as fast! Chiro QuickCharts is the ONLY company that speaks in a language that is understandable not only english speaking but also in explaining the technical aspects. I actually hang up the phone feeling assured-not frustrated and confused. Great product for any chiropractor whether they have been in practice for years or just starting out!
Matthew Gerbich, DC
The software is very easy to use and highly customizable to your style of recording. The support is great, like non I have had with other software companies. They know who you are and respond very quickly to any questions or problems you may have. The software covers a incredible array of templates / screen to cover any and all of your recording needs and you can easily include or disable those you do not use in your practice. Best of all you get this without the need to purchase additional modules. I also like that the patient screen has the past visits shown in a “travel card” style which quickly allows me to easily get the progression in the treatment of the patient on one screen. While I do not use it at this time personally, patient self check in is included. I would not hesitate to recommend this software to a colleague and have on several occasions.
Craig Kaddatz, DC
Our office has been using Chiro QuickCharts for the past 3 years. During that time Chiro QuickCharts, a family run business, has gone from startup to American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) certified. We chose Chiro QuickCharts after a consideration of all other products based on several features. The data input screens are uncluttered and easy to view. The product is customizable to meet the needs of individual practice standards. Chiro QuickCharts interfaces with many billing programs including Medisoft and Eclipse which allows for seamless patient data input.

The Chiro QuickCharts support staff is knowledgeable, prompt and courteous. Doctors have direct input into the software feature development process. Chiro QuickCharts has shown a commitment to the chiropractic profession to improve its product to assist doctors in delivering quality patient care. A valuable tool to meet the changing needs of EHR.

Paul Chille, DC
Chiro QuickCharts is an Excellent Product! Product is very easy to use and is customizable. Technical support is top notch! Never any long hold times and support is done right here in the U.S. Creates great reports at the click of a button! I highly recommend this to other chiropractors!
Dustin Reeson, DC
Aaron Bell, DC

Chiro QuickCharts is a very impressive EHR system. I’ve used it from the very start of my practice and not having to worry about paper files is fantastic! It is very easy to use and the fact that practically every part of it is customizable allows it to fit anyones needs. I’ve customized it to my practice with no problems and if there was something I needed help with technical support was more than willing to do it for me. An added plus is technical support is American so understanding them is no problem.

The format is probably the most appealing attribute for me. I’ve done a lot of EHR demos and the only one that seemed to flow like a regular patient chart is Chiro QuickCharts. Usage is fast yet complete and the notes are flawless. I would recommend to any doctor seeking to improve work and patient flow.testimonial]

QuickCharts proves to be fast and easily customizable. I have been a QuickCharts representative for 3 years now and I am very pleased with the level of support and service provided to my many long time customers. The product is flexible and the company goes above and beyond.
Abbe Cozell, Software Consultant
I have been a QuickCharts representative for 3 years now and I am very pleased overall. Chiropractic notes is a tough business but we all work together to ensure customers are happy. The product is very customizable and the company really cares about their doctors.
Suzanne Traber, Software Consultant
Full bodied and highly customizeable EMR with integration into our existing billing system. Customer support surpasses any company or product I have used in clinic. This company has not preyed on DCs promising $44,000 government kickbacks and making people believe his software had to be purchased over the others in order to gain any EMR transition benefits.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Congrats on the ARRA certification first out of the gates……

Anthony Gross, DC
After researching most of the other software programs available, QuickCharts had all the features we were looking for. I was particularly looking for a program that contained all the components necessary for solid documentation. It is very user friendly, easy to customize and the learning curve was fast. Your customer support is excellent and greatly appreciated.
Todd Stafford, DC
Hi my name is Dr. David Smaldone. I wanted to thank you for producing such a amazing product. I purchased your software and absolutely love it. It has made my office completely paperless and more efficient than I could have ever imagined. I heard about your software from Dr John Donofrio – the head of the United States Chiropractic Neurology board who I trust very much. After purchasing the product you were one of the first people to actually deliver more than you promise. I was impressed with your constant updating to your great customer support. Thanks you so much for helping organizing and de-cluttering my office!
Dr David Smaldone
I informed you a while back we were under another audit by Wellmark. I just received a call today from a representative at Wellmark and she informed me there would be no phone call to discuss our office notes and treatments at this time. This is the first time they have done this. This is also the first time since we purchased QuickCharts, that we have been audited by Wellmark. So, I would have to say the QuickCharts program has improved our record keeping immensely. Yes, we passed this time! It is the first time we have since I started almost 3 years ago. They usually audit us twice a year. Thank you!
Austin Shepard ~ Byrnes Chiropractic
We really like the thorough notes system and the modifications and customization capabilities of QuickCharts. We LOVE the tech support – kind, courteous, knowledgeable and prompt! The training you provide for the upgrades is always appreciated.
Heartland Chiropractic
I am really liking it, and I think I will like it for a very long time. I am so glad I made the jump and spent the money to get a really great note taking system. I want to take a moment to personally thank you for all the great training and patience.

Thanks again! Have a great day!!

Dr. Roxanne Van Den Berghe
I am 100% satisfied with my purchase of QuickCharts. I feel that it is much better than other electronic documentation programs that I have worked with or have tried in the past. The system is very easy to use and navigate. The program is very easily customizable. The support personnel are extremely helpful, patient and available every time I call. The network ready kiosk feature has helped speed the flow of patients at our office, and has made the proper documentation of their care so much easier. My patients input their own subjective findings at the front desk before they even enter a treatment room.

Thank you Chiro QuickCharts!

Dr. Richard L Allen, D.C. Harlem, NY
As new doctors, we were looking for an electronic medical records system that was easy to use, easy to customize, and also affordable. We found all of that with QuickCharts. It was easy to implement in our practice and the notes are easy to fill out and save us time with documentation. We have even received compliments from an attorney saying that our notes were very complete and professional compared to other PI cases he has worked with. We’re happy with QuickCharts and would also like to say that the support is one in a million. Any questions or concerns we’ve had have been answered immediately by the QuickCharts Support Team.
Pamela Betz D.C.
This software is a great time saver. Our office is now able to produce instant medical documentation, and are becoming paperless thanks to “QuickCharts”. They are willing to do what it takes to get you what you want out of their product. This software has truly made paperwork, practicing, and patient check in much easier.
Francis Murphy, DC
I just wanted to say thank you for your great customer service, and also to your staff. We always get a quick response, and we love the Chiro QuickCharts software. It makes our practice run much more smoothly and makes it easier to generate reports and soap notes!
Chris Caliri, DC
Everything has been going great. This just goes to show how easy this program is to use since you haven’t heard much from me in terms of problems and complications. I also wanted to let you know that this program has been a great investment since I purchased it. I can’t imagine going back to travel cards and handwriting things. Thanks again for all your great support and timely responses!
Dustin Reeson, DC
If you’re starting the endless search for soap notes software, STOP! Save the time and invest in QuickCharts. It has been everything I was told it would be. I’ve saved a great deal of money, time, and headaches since implementing it into my practice and I’m always confident their customer service will be there when I need something.

They listen AND even add the new things I request. See for yourself- they have free live demos everyday! That will give you a great idea of what it can do for you and your practice and you’ll understand what I mean when I say, “Your search is over.”

Nathan Price, DC
Even if you are currently using another software system, you need to check out Chiro QuickCharts. One of the many great features is the ability to customize the program to an individual clinic or even to an individual patient chart. Easy features allow you change everything from the color of the screen to orthopedic test and X-ray findings. Get rid of your paper permanently. The integration between Chiro QuickCharts and Eclipse is fantastic. Your patient charges get sent directly to whatever patient case in Eclipse you choose. I can’t say enough good things about them!! They gives you 110% every time.
Brenda M. Holland, D.C.,D.I.C.C.P
After practicing for 27 years, I have used and tried all different note systems. What I wanted was something that was easy, hi-tech, and cost effective. I compared the QuickCharts system to an internet based system, but having it all in house means I am not a victim to my internet company’s reliability.

This system has taken us to new levels of documentation and effectiveness. After the demonstration and training the system is easy to use. The constant updating and improvement, as well as his service, are exceptional. I would recommend this company to anyone interested in a new soap note system.

Jay Brodwyn, DC
I finally found a note taking system that is simple, affordable, and easy to use. The service that comes with Chiro QuickCharts is exceptional. The program allows you to make your own templates to fit your own needs. I am extremely pleased with how fast they respond to our needs. They are always looking for feedback to improve their product.
James G. Schone, DC
After spending thousands of dollars on programs that didn’t live up to their promises, were difficult to incorporate into workflow or produced canned notes unacceptable to insurance companies I have finally found Chiro QuickCharts! The program interfaces with our practice management system reducing data entry for the staff. Thank you Alex and Midwest Software for giving Doctors of Chiropractic an affordable electronic notes system that works!
Christopher J. Hammer, DC, DACRB, FACO
Time is very valuable. QuickCharts has given me the opportunity to keep my notes in “Real Time” so I don’t have to come in early and stay late just to do notes. Customer service is unmatched by any. They are willing to do what it takes to get you what you want out of their product. They continue to make improvements and updates to their product that benefits all. They listen to the people that use their product and make the changes necessary, so they are constantly evolving. This product has truly made practicing less stressful.
Craig Volzke, DC
I’ve started my practice from the ground up. I’m growing and profitable and one of my best decisions was to investigate and choose Chiro QuickCharts for my office. It has been easy to use and shows a professional edge to my office. The greatest asset has been the service. The Chiro QuickCharts team has been responsive, available, and helpful. It is worth looking at to know how easy it is to use. I would highly recommend the product to my peers
Christopher Anthony, DC
My 30th year in practice found us searching for a note taking system that was easy to use and wouldn’t consume hours of valuable time keeping up with current standards. Chiro QuickCharts offers a simple, user friendly, customizable system with service that is unmatched! The QuickCharts team is friendly, knowledgeable and best of all, willing to listen and quick to respond. It’s been a pleasure working with QuickCharts!
Donald W. Cannon D.C.
When stating up my practice I was looking for the right program that would fit my budget and my needs. I found Chiro QuickCharts and I was impressed with all the functions shown online and during the live demo. I was using Platinum in a previous office, it was very expensive and had limitations. I am very pleased with the technical support – the help is there when you need it. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase.
Dr. Jason Ellis
I found this software to be very user friendly! It has lots of graphics which makes navigation thru out the program very easy and fast. It is also the only software that I have found that has a travel card template! I love that the patient can check themselves in! The most important thing to me is the training/support, OUTSTANDING!
Sheryl Grbich, Software Education Specialist
I have evaluated many different patient charting softwares and Chiro QuickCharts is completely in a class by itself. It is very functional and easy to use and modify. It is the benchmark for all other systems to try to come close to. I recommend it to any doctor looking to improve the quality of their notes quickly and with ease.
Dr. Eric M. Borsini
I have never had the pleasure of utilizing such a throughout and versatile patient note program, that actually performs as presented. It is my professional opinion that your product is the best available in its content and adaptability to an individuals practice. What is even more impressive than your product is your service. Your company does what it says; when it says it will do it. The support that you have provided to me and staff has been absolutely terrific. When ever a question has arisen it has been resolved immediately, I can not recall when I have ever had such service from a software company. When you are running a physician’s office and require immediate attention when an issue presents itself, it is quite reassuring when the company you are dealing with is dependable and reliable such as yours.
Dr. Mark Stone
All I can say is WOW!! I am saving thousands of dollars by not having the staff pulling and filing charts everyday. My staff has other obligations in the office that outweigh pulling and fiing 2-3 hours daily. This alone has increased the practice growth and time management. The system is very easy to use and is a must for any busy practice. I love the fact that you can increase functions at any time to make your life easier every day. I highly recommend this system after looking at many other competitors. I say bring on the audit!! I am covered!
Dr. Chuck Childs
A travel card system was just what I asked for and they (Midwest Software) already were working on it at the time. Now the system looks great and we can’t wait to begin using it in our 2 clinics.
Dr. Troy Fox
They spent many days helping me and worked really hard to make sure we had the program tweaked the way we wanted it. I tell other doctors this program can do anything.
Dr. Mark Gvist
Be home instead of finishing charts! Before QuickCharts, my husband was working until 10 or 11pm finishing up his notes every night. Now his notes only take an hour or so and he is actually getting home at a decent hour!
Dr. Karen Dierenfield, Office Manager
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